Order Form

To process your order, please complete the form and we will contact you with the confirmation and the price. Otherwise, for any queries you can contact us by e-mail to info@monteraleathers.com

To custom tailor your garment, I need to know your TRUE measurements in Centimeters. Take your measurements exactly according to the diagram , and OVER the things you wish to wear under leather garment. Please do not add anything to the measurements. Leather should be worn quite close to the body. I will allow the appropriate amount of extra room for comfort and movement. Write your personal imaginations and ideas into the «Extras» area.

To take your measurements or do the last fitting in our showroom; please get an appointment via e-mail. In our lab, we are happy to develop new ideas, therefore, if you are looking for custom garment, please get in touch.

1. Length of shoulder

Important: At the moment we are working in a new order form, therefore please send us directly the measurements below by mail to monteraleatherstore@gmail.com with CC to info@monteraleathers.com. For any query, please feel free to contact us by Instagram or our mail account. It would be helpful for our patternmaker if you could send us some photos of you (full body) in different angles and write over the photos your measurements.

1. Length of shoulder

2. Chest

3. Armhole measurement

4. Waist

5. Thigh circumference

6. Head circumference

7. Special value From belt band through crotch crotch band (all measures to bottom of belt band, please note the belt band is 6cm)

7.1 Special value: Front- crotch seam to belt band.

7.2 Special value: Back-crotch seam to belt band

8. Leg length, outside

9. Leg length, inside

10. Arm length, outside

11. Arm length, inside

12. Knee circumference

13. Calf circumference

14. Neck circumference

15. Fetlock circumference

16. Width of back

17. Length of back

18. Biceps

19. Hips

20. Front length

21. Forearm

22. Wrist

23. Armhole