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Artists celebrate 100th anniversary of Tom of Finland

Copyright: Tom of Finland Foundation @anachorete_boi @albron111 @cesarolandox @mark_wardel  @ruben__esparza

Ignacio Goitia: 30 years painting the power, fetishim and nature

Ignacio Goitia Ignacio Goitia (Bilbao 1968) is a Spanish artist whose depictions of opulent aristocracy manage to be subversively homoerotic thanks to the addition of figures we can interpret as boyfriends,…

Live-tour The Darkroom by Tom of Finland

Copyright: Fotografiska Tallinn & Tom of Finland Foundation Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen), world famous sketch artist of homoerotic art depicted extremely masculine men with muscles as big as their…

How to take your measurements

Take your measurements exactly according to the diagram, and OVER the things you wish to wear under leather garment. Please do not add anything to the measurements.

Digital art by Alex Partal

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